Kay Walten on Me Myself and I Radio Podcast

Kay Walten from Loco Gringo

Kay Walten from Loco Gringo

On this episode of Me Myself and I Radio Anthony Hayes is joined by guest Kay Walten.

My co-pilot on today’s self discovery journey is a woman who discovered herself by traveling the world.

Listen as we explore the Me (Past) Myself (Present) and I (Future) Elements of Kay Walten; owner of Loco Gringo Inc and Podcaster.

Kay Walten let’s get into Me Myself and I shall we…?





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Kay Walten, CEO and sole owner of Loco Gringo Inc.

Kay grew up in Western New York…. around Buffalo for those who don’t know the state’s geography.

Kay has a BS in communications and marketing from Clarion University and her life’s dream was to work in the advertising industry. She’s worked for some of the biggest, and not so big ad agencies along the east coast finally specializing in grocery marking.

Back in the 1980’s her life changed when she learned to scuba dive in Grand Cayman. It became her passion. In 1990 she was living in Annapolis working for a broadcast company and diving on the weekends in a quarry. She met her future husband who talked about cave diving and exploration.

She then learned to cave dive and it turned her life upside down. Her and her then bf ran trips to Mexico then were offered jobs to work for a dive shop. She said buh-bye to her penthouse office in Baltimore and hello to a dive shop and a $400 month job so she could explore underwater caves in the Riviera Maya.

In 1996 the dawn of the internet she started one of the first online reservation services for the Riviera Maya, LocoGringo.com. Caribbean Mexico was little known back then, and she and her bf (turned husband) decided to publish info about the area. They wrote spotlight articles (now called blogging), began email marketing and hand coded emails in html, started the first web cams of the area, the first forums, (which hotels were worried about if people would publicly complain). Loco Gringo took credit cards online before the banking industry was online.

Loco Gringo was even recognized in the Wall Street Journal in the mid 1990’s as “the” resource for Caribbean Mexico.

Kay extended her professional studies in hospitality marketing at Cornell.

Kay has experience running a company outside the USA and understands the challenges of developing countries.

Kay is an International Fellow of the Explorer’s Club

A honoree in the Women’s Diving Hall of Fame

Featured in many magazines for her accomplishments in diving

The stunt double in the IMAX movie “Journey to Amazing Caves”

Kay started a social media company in 2009, and in 2010 hosted the first social media training boot camp in the Riviera Maya for people working in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Kay has a philanthropic side:

She traveled with Human Society International, to do dog and donkey welfare clinics across Tanzania.

In 2012, Kay climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and raised funds to start a sewing school for women in Kahama Tanzania . The mission was to teach women basic sewing, and rudimentary business skills so they could work as independent seamstresses. The school has become a class room not only for the school but for other NGO’s to utilize for their programs.

Kay and Loco Gringo have been a primary donors to Coco’s Animal Rescue in Playa del Carmen, supporting one of the most modern animal welfare facilities in Caribbean Mexico.

Kay has been a contributing writer to Indrani’s Light a foundation focusing on gender violence.

Kay lives between Houston, Texas and the Riviera Maya traveling with her Chihuahua Chili Dog.


Kay Walten from Locogringo.com on Me Myself and I Radio

Kay Walten from Locogringo.com





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