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What is Emotional Technology?

Emotional Technology is the incapability of emotional stability. On the Emotional Technology Podcast with Anthony Hayes the message is one of triumph and victory. After a decade long battle with clinical depression, ADHD and insomnia Hayes delves deep into the discovery of self. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited too:

Personal Development, Mental Health, Success, Habits, Fear, Failure, Mindset, Meditation, Productivity, Mindfulness, Self Awareness, Self Discovery and Self Development.

I’m often asked to explain Me Myself and I, what it means. What do you talk about on your podcast? What is your blog about? The short answer is Oneself. The rabbit hole goes much deeper as you can imagine…

The one thing I’ve come to realize through the years that no matter what I was doing, I felt like I wasn’t pursing my dreams. I was meant for something more. Something bigger than Myself.

First is the “Me” element – This is the person you’ve created based on past choices, failures and successes; our Faith. [Me=Past]

Second is the “Myself” element – The 9-5 guy, The Dad, the person everyone else has come to know. [Myself=Present]

Lastly is…yup you guessed it the “I” element – The part of us that keeps us up at night, the part that will always go out punching striving to be something better, the “I” was meant for something more element, the element that unknowingly sparks the same question in the eyes of another. [I=Future]

The feeling is insatiable as it should be. It is an ever-evolving process, it never ceases. I’ve come to better know my authentic self so much this year through networking with like-minded people and trying new things. Journal a bit. You may answer the questions you seek through oneself.

“Control the Controllable, Keep on Flowing, Just Be…”

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