Line Brunet on Me Myself and I Radio Podcast with Anthony Hayes

Line Brunet on Me Myself and I Radio Podcast with Anthony Hayes

On this episode of Me Myself and I Radio Anthony Hayes is joined by guest Line Brunet. Line is a member of the Podcast Discovery Center. The PDC is a private group for podcasters I co-founded on Facebook with my Canadian counterpart Scott “The Prodigy” Doucet. There we share and explore this medium called podcasting and assist one another in our journey. Line has become an intricate part of this rapidly growing community. 

Line wrote me an email and said “I’d love to jam with you on your show!” After that, I knew we were going to rock the mic. Listen as we explore the Me (Past) Myself (Present) and I (Future) Elements of Line Brunet; Radio Personality and Master Coach.

Line Brunet let’s get into Me Myself and I shall we…?



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Line Brunet has been a Master Life Coach and Radio/Podcast Host & Consultant since 2009 as well as a student of Tony Robbins’ RMT Institute for Strategic Intervention since 2012. She’s driven to help people find both their inner and outer voice so they can master who they are with confidence and conviction in life, love, business and beyond.

Line’s primary focus has been online radio having launched CRAVE radio network in January 2015 and then becoming a co-owner/CEO of Bold Radio Station where she trained and mentored those looking to start their own radio show or podcast in order to expand their reach and effectively broadcast their message.

In November 2016 she became an Executive with AlexandersGrace, an incubator of entrepreneurs who contribute their individual expertise to create and grow premier online business academies and certifications programs with a mission to create miracles worldwide.

Line is recognized as a passionate connector of people and an expert at instigating action and cultivating quick results with those she works with through coaching, consulting and her Daily Hustle podcast.


“We are all just different versions of each other.

“I needed to do something more, that I was meant to do me, that I had to leave my mark.”

“It’s stories that inspire people to change their lives.”

“Are you going to do something with this one amazing life you have? Because this isn’t where you were meant to be.”
“What the hell is SMH?!”


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Show music introduction “Do It All For The Dream” provided with permission from Lovestruck Robot by Jace Magee. Please visit lovestruckrobot.com for more information or iTunes to download now.

Voiceover from: Spike Real The Big Voice http://cmo247.com/SpikeReal

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Jessica Rhodes on Me Myself and I Radio with Anthony Hayes

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