The Best Parts of the Mind

The Best Parts of the Mind

Anthony Hayes | @ahayes_mmi

I have a theory…It is a bit far fetched so be open minded. I believe the most creative parts of our mind cannot be unlocked without some outside influences or extreme circumstances. 

Let’s consider a few of the most influential minds in history. 

  • Beethoven-deaf
  • Kurt Cobain-drug addict
  • Darren Hayes-depression

Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, the list does on…The point is, that it took something extraordinary to unlock something within all these people. 

I am not saying nor do I condone illegal or dangerous behavior, drug use of any kind whatsoever. I DO believe there is a different plane of consciousness we gain access to when we are pushed beyond our physical abilities and comprehension. 

Some of the greatest athletes in the world make their biggest plays, under the most extreme pressure with only seconds left. But how?

“We transcend beyond ourselves and we just are. Untainted by the outside.”

I myself for example suffer from clinical depression. An aliment for which I have been to some far out places. The more you delve deeper into it yourself the more answers you will find.


The Science of Being by: Anthony Hayes

The Science of Being “mock” Cover

I wrote a book and it took me forever. I was only able to write when I was at my highest and lowest points in my life. The floodgate opens, swiftly closing with no key in sight. It was in those brief moments of uncertainty, moments of clarity I could see sounds and hear colors.  

I am a perfectionist and it also causes me to procrastinate. When you need to create content this can be a big obstacle. It hinders yourself, your purpose, and your passion.

To live and make a difference in the lives of those around you is the key to your success and worth. I don’t even know you and you’ve already had a profound impact on me just by reading this!

You are more of a valuable asset then you give yourself credit for. Due to the fact that originality stands alone, creative people such as you and I often feel alone and unimportant but that is not the case at all. Quite the opposite really.

We are all manifesting things at a different time you are right about that…but we are doing it OUR way, with OUR hands, and OUR tools…we are evolving just as the masters before us. So keep this in mind when you have self doubt as we all do:

Control the Controllable, Keep on Flowing, Just Be…

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