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August 27, 2015

The Day My Baby Became a Toddler 

By: Anthony Hayes It was Saturday July 25, 2015. We just returned home from our first family vacation a day prior. This was the day I […]

The Blog for new or first time Dads. What to REALLY expect from fatherhood deconstructed by someone who is living it just like you. There is a lot of resources available for Mothers whilst Dads are left to fend for themselves. Not anymore_ Network, share advice and insight with first time Father, Podcaster, and Blogger Anthony Hayes from memyselfandiradio.com

Violet is my first child and the most important thing in my life. I don’t think parenting is something you can teach, it is a part of your DNA, just waiting to be decoded. This is my account of that, my diary of sorts…As I discover new experiences, lessons, triumphs, and setbacks, I will share them here. Everyone has different circumstances, obstacles, these are mine. At the end of the end documenting them is my way of putting together the parenthood puzzle.

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