Verbal Ninja


 Verbal Ninja

By: Anthony Hayes 

I’ve been writing since the 7th grade, poetry mostly. However my talents are vast as is my way of thinking. Just the other day this came me. So I began to write. With a little editing this was the final product. I hope you enjoy!

I always do my best to speak the truth,

Whether on Book,

The microphone, 

Over beats or the booth,

If I told you I didn’t write the first line I’d be lying,

Then protons and neutrons combine,


Call it a freestyle, spoken word or just plain rant,

To stop a man from his thinking is a thing you just can’t,

If Extraterrestrials exist I might be one

You see I’m light years away

Looking down from the sun,

I exist on a different plane,

In a spaceship,

Above earth,

In my Prime like Optimus, 

And it’s knowledge I thirst,

Not knowledge you read in the pages of books,

“Cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks,”

Soon this knowledge I’ll pass to one of my own,

Its “The Science of Being” Thats the key to the throne. 

(All Rights Reserved 2013 © The Science of Being by Anthony Hayes)

“Control the controllable, as for the rest Keep on flowing…Just be.”

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