Building Blocks

A thought for today…”Building blocks” 

By: Anthony Hayes

Form a foundation. Make a foundation for conscious self-improvement. Create an inner environment in which you consciously choose the path of action that will help you become a better person. 


Moment by moment we are evolving. And when we evolve we grow. Maybe you feel like your all alone on this journey to become a better you with no support when you need that little extra push. That voice to say “just one more” or “you got this!”

Let this be that moment. That moment when you’ve put all you’ve been fighting for all these years, that foundation you’ve built, no longer block your way. Rather use these blocks to stand on. Let it extend your line of sight; a way for you to rise up, cross over and Just be. 

“Control the controllable, as for the rest Keep on flowing…Just be.”

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