31 Life Changing Concepts by: Joe Pardo Book Review

Buy Joe's Book 31 Life Changing Concepts on Amazon

Buy Joe's Book 31 Life Changing Concepts on Amazon

Book Review

Title: 31 Life Changing Concepts

Author: Joe Pardo

Genre: Self Development

Please visit: jpar.net/howtodream.co

Me and Joe

I am a bit biased toward this publication in that, I played a very small part in its creative process.

That being said, does not change the fact however that I’ve never seen a book quite as unique as this one.

According to the author this is a self development book for people who don’t like to read. The concept in of itself is brilliant.
In my opinion the number 31 is appropriately significant. If you read and practice 1 concept each day in a months time, you have completed all 31 concepts (for arguments sake assuming worst case scenario October).

The entries are brief and to the point. Joe Pardo has lived a life of trial and error but never stopped believing in himself, more importantly he never stopped believing in others.
Joe coined the phrase “Society Starts With You.” However after reading 31 Life Changing Concepts it seems as though the tables have turned.

After carving through the stereotypical ‘what society expects of you’ mentality, it is apparent Joe has started a society of his very own…A society of Dreamers.

Please visit: jpar.net/howtodream.co

Joe signing my copy his book

With the stellar platform of Dreamers Podcast, Joe has single handily reached 50,000+ downloads of his show. After 150 exciting guests from around the globe there is no telling what is next for this New Jersey based dreamer.

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“Control the controllable, as for the rest Keep on flowing…Just be.”

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