Being a sick parent with a sick child

5 weeks blasted by filled with overnight shifts, very little sleep, and a lot of caffeine filled cans of hope. I was just doing what had to be done for my career,  and my family–completely forgetting I’m no longer an invincible 20-something.

Tensions were high, time was scarce, but we managed to get through. All the while I had been sick. I grabbed some over the counter medicine and went about my week.

In that time, I was able to squeeze in recording my podcast, maintain my blogs and website but not at a cost. Listening back to my voice here reminded me of the exhaustion I had to endue.

Now, no longer a creature of the night the daily rituals commenced. The pain grew and grew, finally becoming too much. I had developed  bronchitis.

I was out of work for a week in an attempt to recover. That week Violet also had contracted a cold, ear infection, and efm virus.


Sick with a smile

I did what I could to help out with the baby and around the house when I was able to muster up enough strength. I felt useless and less than a man. It was a terrible feeling.

I could not even fathom being a single parent. If you are, I commend you! So here is what I recommend you do next time you feel under the weather.

  1. Go to the doctor or walk in urgent care. You nor anyone else is qualified to diagnose your ailments. Not even the most well read WebMd experts in your life.
  2. Call out of work. Chances are you have sick time, that’s what it is there for use it! You will only make it worse and risk the chance of infecting those around you.
  3. Drink Tea, Water and Gatorade and lots of it.
  4. Wear a surgical mask when in confined spaces and in close proximity to others.

In conclusion

To take care of others you must take of yourself first.

When does the warning light appear before a man breaks…

-Darren Hayes

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