How your love for your child will grow exponentially

How your love for your child will grow exponentially

Raising Violet - The Daddy Diaries

Raising Violet – The Daddy Diaries

by: Anthony Hayes

Have you been told repeatedly your child will grow up quick? It feels like just yesterday we were bringing Violet home from the hospital. Realistically it’s been 365 days and quick doesn’t do it justice. With each passing day my love for my daughter grows immensely. If you told me 5 years ago I’d be celebrating her 1st birthday this week, I would have laughed. But I am and it makes me want to cry.

Until now, I didn’t think I was equipped for fatherhood. I doubted myself constantly. This first year was tough and was over in the blink of an eye. What I realized in that time was that I subconsciously was taught to care for my child without even knowing it. When I was a child. Let me explain.

Growing up

Our parents instilled knowledge deep within us as we grew and matured into young adults. All this time just waiting to be released. That time is now. As the seed was  planted in you, soon it will blossom as your little one too grows up.


If you have any uncertainty as to whether you possess the character needed to be a new parent, look no further. One year from now, when you are planning your little “Violet’s” birthday party you will assured. The values you may have lost along the way will surface and you will pass them on.


There is never enough. Do your best not to get caught up on the day to day. Control the controllable. As for the rest, Keep on Flowing, Just Be…


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“Control the controllable, as for the rest Keep on flowing…Just be.”

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  1. Sherry Stowers says:

    you and Faline are great parents and as a first time parent it’s obvious family is number one. Keep up the great work???

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